Are you interested in undertaking a solar energy project? Perhaps your business or organization has chosen to take a meaningful step toward supporting energy conservation efforts while saving money on your electric utility bill. Of course, we at Renewable Energy Evolution (REE) fully support this inclination! However, we also know how challenging such an undertaking can be. In fact, a significant solar energy project can prove to be impossible to pull off on your own. For that reason, we highly recommend seeking support from professional solar energy consultants who can guide you through the process every step of the way. Hiring solar energy consultants for your project will provide an abundance of benefits. 

Help Developing The Project

Even the early stages of idea generation and exploring potentials can be a non-starter for many, especially those who are undertaking a solar advancement project for the first time. Solar energy consultants can assist with these early stages. Part of what enables these professionals to offer such guidance is their ability to reference previous projects and offer suggestions based on their in-depth knowledge of current solar technologies and their ability to assess solar project viability

These early stages of development primarily include design and planning. What you design and outline at this stage are what will assist you in garnering crucial things like permits and community support. 

Assistance With Permitting & Other Regulations

On the matter of permits, experienced solar energy consultants can provide invaluable support that can make the difference between a project that fails and one that gets off the ground successfully. These professional consultants have experience navigating the permitting process as well as access to certain funding sources.  

REE, for example, is an approved vendor for the Illinois Solar For All Program. Partnering with this organization allows us to utilize federal, state, and local money allotted for solar energy advancement, particularly in lower-income and historically underserved communities.  

Access To Solar Energy Funding Sources

Some professional solar energy advisors have access to particular funding sources that might not otherwise be available for their clients. As overseers of a solar transition or development, these consultants and advisories are able to apply for funding and incentives. For example, Renewable Energy Evolution is an approved vendor for the Illinois Adjustable Block Program (IL ABP) and the Illinois Solar for All Program (ILSfA), which grants us access to state and federal funding initiatives for clean energy projects.

Talk To REE’s Solar Energy Consultants

If you are interested in undertaking a commercial solar energy project, then it is time to talk to the highly experienced solar energy consultants at Renewable Energy Evolution. We provide the type of support mentioned above along with assistance and oversight through every stage of the project. These stages include planning, design, permitting, community relations, construction oversight, commissioning, and operations. To better understand how we have helped our clients realize high-value renewable energy assets, be sure to read about the different solar energy project development stages.