More people have been turning to solar energy as a renewable energy source to power their homes and businesses. One particularly promising development in the solar industry is the emergence of solar farms. In this article, we will dive into what solar farms are, how they are revolutionizing the solar energy industry, and how Renewable Energy Evolution (REE) can help businesses take advantage of this promising technology.

What are Solar Farms?

The term “solar farm” refers to a collection of individual photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that are brought together to garner greater electrical output. These panels work to convert the sun’s energy into electricity for consumption by businesses and communities alike. They are also referred to as “solar parks” and “photovoltaic power stations.” They are most often ground mounted and can be configured in many arrangements and capacities. 

Solar farms are typically much larger than individual solar panels and can generate a much higher amount of electricity. They are often used for solar projects that are meant to provide power to a community or a large commercial enterprise. A solar farm can consist of tens of thousands of solar panels spread over many acres of land.

Benefits of Solar Farms

Solar farms offer many advantages for businesses and communities looking to invest in renewable energy. Among the biggest benefits is that they greatly assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and combat the negative effects of climate change. By replacing fossil fuels with solar energy, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, thereby helping to create a more sustainable future for all.

Another advantage of solar farms is that they can be built on previously unused or underutilized land, such as farmland, providing economic benefits for farmers. In fact, solar fields can garner revenues that are 2-3 times more robust than those of traditional crops or livestock. Solar farming can also assist in the nutritional rejuvenation of depleted soil, which can be especially important for historically underprivileged communities that have been affected by poor soil conditions.

How Solar Farms are Revolutionizing the Solar Energy Industry

Solar farms are revolutionizing the solar energy industry in a number of ways. The scale of solar energy production that is now possible is among the most significant changes we have recently seen in solar energy advancements. With solar farms, businesses and communities can generate much larger amounts of electricity than was previously possible with individual solar panels.

Additionally, solar farms are making solar energy more accessible to a wider range of people. By creating large-scale solar projects, solar farms can provide electricity to entire communities, even those that might not be able to afford individual solar panels. This increased access, also known as solar equity projects, is especially important in historically underprivileged communities that have been underserved by traditional energy companies.

Renewable Energy Evolution’s Commitment to Solar Farms

At REE, we are committed to improving solar education and access for all communities. We pay attention to the unique needs of every business owner who requires reliable and efficient energy solutions to meet their commercial operations. Our trusted advisory experience includes diverse solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Those clients include schools, municipalities, industries, project developers, and more.

REE takes a multifaceted approach to solar energy project development, with involvement in financing and management along the way. One of the benefits you will enjoy when working with us on your commercial solar project is our access to funds from the Illinois Adjustable Block Program and the Illinois Solar for All program. We are an approved vendor for both of these wonderful organizations. 

Additionally, we take a great interest in solar panel farm projects as a way to provide power to communities and help farmers revitalize their land. Our team of experienced solar energy consultants can work with businesses to develop unique solar projects that are tailored to their specific needs.

Work With REE For Your Solar Initiatives

Solar farms are a promising technology that is revolutionizing the solar energy industry. Businesses and communities can benefit from the many advantages that solar farms offer, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased access to renewable energy, and the potential for economic revitalization. At REE, we offer expert guidance and support for businesses looking to explore the full potential of solar farms. Contact your advisor today to learn more about our commercial solar advisory services and how we take advantage of this exciting technology together.