Renewable Energy Evolution’s goal is to develop opportunities for a cleaner world through sustainable energy. Ultimately, we see this work as contributing to an overall more just world. With these goals in mind, we focus on educating, consulting, and enabling a better understanding of how to produce electricity more sustainably, primarily in the form of solar energy. Our clients include commercial property owners, non-profits, municipalities, and more throughout Illinois and the greater Midwest.   

Sectors We Work With

We have amassed an eclectic and extensive network of clients and partners who are invested in renewable energy sources. We work with Asset Managers and non-profit leaders as well as individual companies looking to switch to solar or undertake a solar project. We also provide jobs for graduates of the Illinois Solar Jobs training program component in the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA). 

Our clients, partners, & endeavors include: 

  • Approved Vendor for the Illinois Solar For All Program, which supports social equity in solar education and development
  • Schools looking to develop solar energy systems and train students for work in the clean energy industry
  • YMCA, churches, and synagogues who are interested in transitioning to solar energy and supporting their communities in different ways
  • Approved Vendor for the  Adjustable Block Program (ABP) who can file for solar Renewable Energy Credits (REC) 
  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Solar projects development
  • Community Focused Community Solar (ABP) projects
  • Various municipalities who are looking to expand their access to clean energy

These are just a few examples of the types of initiatives that we support through expert consultation. 

Our Sales Plan/What We Do

We are experts in the “big picture” of solar energy. Rather than specializing in just one aspect or one type of solar energy technologies, we can guide you through the ins and outs of a solar transition. Usually, the solar industry is broken into separate silos: developers, financiers, equipment manufacturers and providers, and installers. Renewable Energy Evolution (REE) navigates and oversees all of these components of solar energy for its clients. 

Our founders have over four decades of experience in energy efficiency, wind, waste to energy, biomass, biofuels, fossil energy, and of course solar. This experience includes both the financial/marketing components of renewable energy and the crucial technological advancements. That multifaceted experience means we are perfectly suited to assess and oversee solar energy developments as well as launch and implement those projects throughout the Midwest and beyond. 

  • We assess the financial viability of solar energy projects in the initial stages of development and design. During this stage, we establish viable connections to financial partners and EPC firms. We also assess potential site locations. 
  • We provide project and construction management services for entire solar energy projects. 
  • We engage and educate stakeholders, particularly in low-income and/or disadvantaged communities. 
  • We procure and distribute Renewable Energy Certificates as a licensed vendor. 

Basically, you can let us know what your organization is looking to achieve with a solar energy transition or other types of project, and we do the heavy lifting to make that project a reality. 

Focus on Low-Income Communities

Currently, REE’s agenda is improving low-income and/or underserved areas in key ways. First, we pursue solar energy education and development in low-income communities by partnering with Illinois Solar For All, which seeks solar equity. 

Another way in which we are tackling inequity is through the assessment and improvement of water treatment plants. Our work promotes education about clean energy and its advantages as well as job development. The renewable energy market is rapidly growing and an adequate workforce requires strategic and substantial education to fill those roles.  

Contact Renewable Energy Evolution To Discuss Your Solar Project

To support our current agenda of working in low-income communities, we invite non-profits and municipalities in those areas to contact us. We are looking specifically for areas that suffer from high energy costs and also have land or a roof suitable for solar panels. We can start by evaluating your site for its solar potential and move forward from there. Learn more about our integrated approach to solar energy development.