Renewable Energy Evolution LLC is a renewable energy solutions advisor that is focused on accelerating the rapid transition taking place in the energy sector that results in a more decentralized and cleaner approach to power generation. REE’s trusted advisory experience includes a wide range of solutions aimed at serving our client needs, including schools, municipalities, industrials, project developers, utilities, and financiers. Our company develops, finances, and manages renewable energy projects with a specific focus on tangible results.

Our experience includes management and development of utility-scale renewable systems up to 50MW to distributed solar and battery energy systems at 100kw. Renewable Energy Evolution LLC. focused on energy consulting and renewable energy project development and was founded with the aim of being a leading adviser and a trustworthy partner in the renewable energy market sector, while directly improving people’s lives and making a world of difference.

Brian has a total of 20 years of experience in originating and managing renewable energy projects for the private and public clients. His vision is forged in a philosophical belief that fosters team creativity and delivery of positive results. He continues to assist various clients in viability of implementation of projects given local/ regional regulations and market driven variables. He established an energy efficiency/on-site generation ‘cross-pollination model’ with financial stakeholders from across the globe. Brian’s expertise is based on an understanding of commodity pricing and how to achieve desirable financial objectives. Prior to REE, Brian held leadership and director positions for national Solar Environmental, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and Solar Development companies. A majority of Brian’s career development was at Arcadis, where he reached the position of Associate Vice President, Solar Program Manager for North America. Brian has a Bachelors of Science with Soil Engineering from Louisiana State University. Brian is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He currently resides in Milwaukee, with a wife, three kids, and a French Bulldog.

With over 20 years of executive, operations, and engineering experience managing small to mid-size teams and businesses in the technology and services space. David has served in multiple capacities and executive leadership positions including the Board of Directors for technology and service companies both in the US and abroad. David founded several companies and is also the primary inventor for several patents with a continued focus on IOT, product excellence, and product compliance towards multiple regulated industries such as Clinical, Health, and Federal. Over the years, his primary focus has been executive leadership, entrepreneurship, product innovation, packaging, pricing, and overall market direction in the enterprise software and enterprise services space. David has a Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Information Systems from Louisiana State University and has attended programs at the Anderson School of Business, UCLA, as well as the Aji Network LEIP program. While in Silicon Valley, David held leadership roles at Liberate Technologies, DemandTec, and MobiTV. Formerly David was the CEO and Founder of Parallel6, a PRA Health Sciences Company, and the inventor of Clinical6 and mClinical platform serving both Pharma and Health verticals. He currently teaches at San Diego State University and sits on several boards.