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Renewable Energy Evolution (REE) collectively has over 40 years experience in energy consulting, a majority in renewables. We are an energy thought leader that understands how renewables with expert advice provide viable energy solutions to our clients. Our brand name stands for experience, quality and competence and is reflected in all the work we do.

RE-Engineer your energy future with REE. We provide consultation throughout the full circle of energy concepts, developments, construction, and commissioning. We have all-encompassing experience in energy turnkey solutions for numerous customer market sectors, ranging from Municipal, University, School and Hospital (MUSH) to Commercial and Industrial (C&I). REE, chart your energy path forward, REE is ready, evaluating, evolving….


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As CFO of Menelaus Technologies, Inc. Amit reported directly to me. I have had the privilege in my work career of working directly to assist commanding officers at all operational levels in the Navy’s Pacific Fleet. This provided me with a broad view of executive styles and responsibilities. Amit is one of the most capable managers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is detail oriented but maintains a “big picture” sense of priorities that helped everyone in our team meet their key responsibilities. His understanding of clean energy, new technology, and the general business environment take him well beyond traditional CFO functions. He is creative, well organized and very easy to work with. I recommend him without hesitation to any organization lucky enough to have him as part of their team. Please feel free to contact me at any time as needed.

Jim Judson, Independent Chemicals Professional

I am proud to work with Mr. Amit Shukla. He not only coordinates and teaches in our Renewable Energy Program, but he lives it. Every time we meet with him, as a STEM group, he shares his unending enthusiasm and affection for the renewable energy field. Aside from his great enthusiasm and expertise, he has, in a matter of a few months, effectively established a powerful renewable energy network, integrating key members of the regional community in our board of directors, and he has methodically and ceaselessly designed, developed, piloted, evaluated, and modified curriculum for New Mexico State University-Alamogordo’s Renewable Energy Program. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Shukla, and I am pleased to be able to recommend his work, here, on LinkedIn, where our collaborators can see how much we appreciate him.

Jeffrey Bacon, Copywriter | Dietary Supplements | FDA Compliance

I have had the pleasure of working and supervising Amit for the last 1.5 years. Amit has clearly established himself as a renewable energy leader in the Midwest, in fact, perhaps in the nation. Although, Amit served as the Renewable Energy Program Developer, he is particularly skillful at bringing like-minded people together. One of Amit’s strengths is to garner external support and industry partnerships. He works with national renewable energy experts regularly. I am very impressed with the two program advisory committees he has put together. They are comprised of industry experts, business representatives, and university partners. Amit is also great at collaborating with internal and external stakeholders as his job requires him to not only reach out to industry partners, but also to coordinate our efforts internally by working with faculty member, chairpersons, and deans. Due to his people and communication skills, Amit was recently asked to serve on the steering committee to explore community solar projects for Village of Oak Park. This invitation is an attestation to Amit’s expertise in renewable energy. Amit is organized, resourceful, and self-driven. He regularly keeps me in the loop by sharing latest industry news, updates, and forecasts. Amit also inspires. His passion for renewable energy is genuine and infectious. In summary, I highly recommend Amit to any organization who may be lucky to have him.

Kevin Li, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Triton College

“Brian’s commitment to renewable energy sparked new service lines in many industries with great success. As a trusted advisor to clients on suitability of solar, wind, geothermal and biomass, he paved the way for a number of renewable energy installations to many clients across the US. Brian is my go to person for advice on renewable energy economic viability in various application with his in-depth knowledge of available tax credits. I look forward to future ventures.”

Caron Koll, Consultant at Antea Group

“I have known Brian for several years and can attest to drive to make solutions happen. His work ethic is fantastic and does what is necessary to make his team members as important as hisself.”

Ira Whitlock, President at Precision Renewables

“Brian is a very dedicated and driven professional with a strong entrepreneurial focus. I saw first hand his numerous successes in establishing, leveraging and capitalizing on business opportunities, primarily involving renewable energy, with new clients across multiple market sectors. High energy with a positive, can do attitude.”

Michael Maierle, General Manager - Sanitaire


Anyone can benefit hugely from renewable distributed generation energy. Empowered you are a benefactor with the grid. A well-designed renewable energy solution will decrease line charges by either mitigating peak demand and/or discharging its energy at specifically calculated times, allowing clients to utilize cost savings for other core business functions.

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