Thanks in part to rapidly growing awareness and concerns about energy consumption, Renewable Energy Evolution (REE) had a busy and productive 2022. In fact, we completed just over 1 MWp (megawatt peak) across 5 solar energy projects. While 84% of our project revenue came from projects funded by Illinois Solar for All, another crucial 4% consisted of commercial solar projects. Additionally, 12% of our project revenue in 2022 came from approved vendor contracts. 

This diversity of our project types and funding sources has made for an interesting and fruitful year for us at REE. Read on to learn a bit about some of our recent and noteworthy solar energy projects. 

Our Vision Coming To Light

REE’s vision and overarching goal are to use solar energy as a means of developing a cleaner environment. Additionally, we seek to contribute to more equitable access to solar energy. Education and consultation are just two of the ways that we seek to fulfill this vision. 

The solar energy transition projects we have overseen over the last year are each glowing endorsements of our work and our continued progress toward our goals. 

What Sets REE Commercial Solar Projects Apart 

One of the reasons so many clients came to us to advise on their solar energy projects over the last year is our comprehensive approach to all stages of solar development. The majority of solar energy development firms offer specializations in just one or two specific arenas. Not so at REE. Instead, we offer experience and guidance in all stages of the development process. 

We advise on project financial viability, establish partnerships, scout and assess locations, and much more in just the beginning stages of development. Beyond the initial stage, we then manage aspects of the project, including construction. A big part of our offerings also includes engaging and educating stakeholders about the advantages of solar energy projects for lower-income communities in particular. Ultimately, our flexibility and varied expertise allow us to keep the big picture of a project, and of solar energy advancement, in mind. 

Additionally, we at REE pride ourselves on our attunement to our client’s needs and goals. That attunement allows us to tailor our projects and our advising as needed for the situation and organizations we are working with. 

REE’s 2022 Major Accomplishments

Many of REE’s biggest recent projects have been focused on advancing equitable clean energy initiatives and have been funded through the Illinois Solar for All program. Through our partnership, we undertook building the largest solar carport in Chicago for the Chicago Urban League. For a YMCA in Illinois, we also built the largest ground-mounted solar energy panel array. Another project involved adding a 350 kWdc solar energy array to a low-income housing complex, Pontiac Towers, which enables residents to receive monetary credits from the solar energy generated on site.  

Additionally, we are proud of the work we continue to do with policies regarding solar energy job growth. There has been an impressive increase in this job sector throughout the Midwest due to recent policy changes. However, some Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) firms have struggled to fill such jobs with locally skilled workers. REE continues to work with stakeholders throughout the region to address this challenge. 

We look forward to the continued growth to come in the new year.