Here at Renewable Energy Evolution, we find repeat customers to be the highest compliment to our work. While some customers will only need a one-and-done project, others have been so satisfied with our commercial solar energy projects that they have returned to us for subsequent developments in Illinois and beyond. We take this as a testament to both our professionalism and the efficacy of our solar energy installations, which provide reliable returns on investment for business and property owners as well as company asset managers and Channel Partners. It all comes down to our integrated approach and our access to valuable incentives to help move these projects forward.

What REE Has To Offer

REE takes on many roles when it comes to providing commercial solar energy project advisory. First, we conduct both engineering and financial analyses to determine if the project investment is viable. We then move on to engineering procurement and construction contracting, a significant stage in the development process. Once the project is further planned and outlined, we can utilize federal and apply for state incentives, which we have access to as an approved vendor or broker for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). We then oversee the entire process from construction to permission to operate and completion of the project. In short, we bring our expertise to the table for numerous steps of the project lifecycle, ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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Leveraging Federal & State Incentives

We are currently in the most solar incentive-friendly environment in American history. As such, REE is able to leverage both federal and state incentives to bring commercial solar energy projects to fruition with a reasonable return on investment.

The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) seeks to lower the federal income tax liability of the project investors. The reduced income tax liability ranges from 30-60% of the fair market value of the installed solar system via the Inflation Reduction Act.

As an Illinois-based business, REE also has access to the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program (ABP). We are approved to file for and manage Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) that offset the CAPEX costs associated with solar energy projects.

Satisfied Repeat Customers

One of the major ways we measure our success as a company is through the satisfaction of our customers. And we know customers are satisfied when they return to us for their subsequent investments. Though this has happened on multiple occasions, we would like to highlight just one example of a satisfied repeat solar energy customer here.

REE first worked with Custom Accessories, an automotive accessories distribution company, back in 2020 at their main facility in Richmond, IL. The project involved the installation of 768 solar panels on a ground mount racking system that has a capacity of 250 kW AC. This project was completed in December 2020 and provided Custom Accessories with financial payback in less than 24 months!

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With this success in mind, Custom Accessories returned to us for a second solar installation this year, 2022. This time, we developed and oversaw the installation of 114 solar panels on a ground mount racking system at their Lake Villa, IL facility. These panels have a capacity of 50 kW AC and an impressive return on investment for such a smaller system. We are proud to have completed this project at the time of this blog posting.

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Become Our Next Satisfied Commercial Solar Energy Customer

If you are interested in learning more about solar energy and your options for developing a commercial solar energy project, you can rely on REE. We will help you better understand your options and what is best for you based on your budget and goals. We invite you to contact your advisor today for an analysis to get you started!