To preface this article, I am a college student who believes that renewable energy is truly one of the biggest advantages humans have ever had at their disposal. Although there is still a dark, the looming cloud hanging over me knowing that fossil fuels are rapidly depleting and may disappear during my lifetime, it is comforting to know that there are other ways to get energy from natural resources like sunlight and wind. Not only are these resources constantly replenishing, but they also produce far lower carbon emissions than burning fossil fuels.

Solar and wind energy are considered the cheapest form of energy and are becoming more and more affordable every day. In addition, solar panels have a lifespan of roughly 30 years and can generate electricity for heating and cooling. The best part is that the amount of sunlight that hits the earth within an hour and a half has enough energy to power the world’s energy consumption for a full year– solar energy is massively abundant and can even be finessed on a cloudy day.

Renewable energy, to me, is an obvious solution to a problem that is becoming more and more prominent every day. If more communities were to utilize solar energy, it would make renewable energy more efficient and accessible; not to mention it would stall the inevitable disappearance of fossil fuels and cut down on carbon emissions.


Renewable Energy Evolution is owned and operated by trustworthy experts who have had years of experience in the renewable energy market, primarily in solar. These experts know the industry inside and out, including renewable energy technology, financing, and market aspects. REE can formulate an easy-to-understand path forward for each project that they consult on.

One of the many things that I admire about REE is their foresight into how renewable energy will impact communities in the future, especially disadvantaged communities that currently pay a higher percentage of their income on energy. REE has completed projects in these disadvantaged communities while educating residents and clients on renewable energy and how it benefits them in the long run. Energy poverty is a very real concept to these communities, and through the combination of the rapid development of renewable energy through companies like REE, who educate, develop,  oversee, and manage, renewable energy is becoming more efficient in midwest areas.


Everyone should be educated on the benefits of renewable energy because it improves living conditions. Renewable energy is more cost-effective and more energy efficient as well as more beneficial for the environment. It mystifies me that renewable energy is such a taboo subject because of false information, but hopefully, this article has shed some light on the potential of renewable energy, written by someone who will see the rise of renewable energy in the near future.