Solar energy is a leading alternative energy source in today’s world and the future. Renewable Energy Evolution (REE) is working to help educational institutions find solutions towards having this new solar energy. In fact, REE has successfully implemented its Solar for School’s program right here in Michigan.

This program targets schools located in Michigan’s Consumers Energy utility territory. The goal of the program is to build an on-site solar energy array at the school for free. That’s right for free!! If you’re eligible, there are no upfront costs owed to complete the design, build, operation, and maintenance of the solar energy array. You only have the cost of using the solar energy after installation.

You might be thinking that this offer must be too good to be true. That nothing is free without strings attached. And yet in this situation, this is the case. REE handles the details of the financing – dealing with government incentives and third-party investors. While your school system gets to enjoy the green energy benefits of being an energy off-taker from the solar array.

Let’s look at three benefits of implementing an on-site solar energy array at your school.

1. Save Money on Electric Bills

Immediate and Long-Term Savings

Paying utility bills is a standard cost of running any school. And the state of Michigan has higher than normal standard electricity rates. When it comes to saving money, it’s helpful to find new adapting energy solutions.

It is well known that utility bills consume a hefty amount of a school’s budget.[1] Saving money on electric bills gives the school administration opportunity. They now have the flexibility to use these savings in a different area to better suit the school’s ever-evolving obligations.

Depending on your rate structure, your school may save 10-15% on energy rates. The recipient school only pays the solar energy rate per kilowatt-hour that they use. No upfront installation costs required. The sooner you start using solar energy the longer you will be saving money.

Before you might have always discarded the idea of participating in solar, alternative energy solutions for your school. The idea seemed complicated and costly. Now you have the free opportunity for Renewable Energy Evolution to guide you throughout the whole process.


Additional Funds for Emergencies

COVID-19 is causing disruptions in how schools operate. Yet, once you put in place solar energy – this is one variable that will remain safe and solid. No matter if students are learning virtually or in person. Solar energy from the on-site solar array will help supply power to your school system’s buildings.

Your cost savings from using solar energy is a great way to start a new emergency fund. How amazing would it feel to have reduced energy costs that freed up capital to invest back into your adapting student’s needs.

2. Access to Clean On-Site Solar Energy

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Site

The health and environmental impacts of using solar energy is an extra benefit besides a monetary value. The health and welfare of your students are always a priority for any school system. By using solar energy you will refocus on this priority.

Using cleaner energy sources reduces your educational institute’s carbon footprint and pollution. This green energy commitment benefits both current and future generations.

School administrators are under tremendous stress. They must continue to find new avenues to decrease cost while being a thought leader in renewable energy. Best to start now with REE’s expert guidance.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Your school is more than a building, it is a safe place where students come together to learn. Also, schools are usually the center of the community. Schools with on-site solar energy arrays can be more resilient emergency shelters. These resilient emergency shelters will have more hardened, updated electrical infrastructure when natural disasters strike.

Following the nationwide trend towards schools going solar, by enrolling in this program now, you are preparing your school for the future instead of waiting your turn when demand will be higher and benefits will be lower.

3. Community Leader of Renewable Energy

STEM Educational Awareness

Having an on-site solar array at your school provides students with hands-on learning opportunities. You are creating your very own outdoor/indoor experimental lab. With the surging green industry movement, this is an exciting time to provide a real-life STEM curriculum for solar energy.

One of our past client’s – Mason County Central Schools – are utilizing their new solar panels as part of their students daily educational life. They placed smart TVs connected to the data streaming from the solar panels in centralized areas of the school.

By sharing this information with everyone, each student gets to be their own scientist using this data to compare weather patterns or anything they are interested in. This is a great way to foster student’s imagination as they predict patterns or trends.

Being exposed to renewable energy practices at such a young age has tremendous effects. It will change the future generation’s mentality about how the energy they use is produced and distributed, and how this clean renewable energy evolution will help protect their environment. It is also an opportunity for new educational tools for students and staff.

Job Training Programs

Solar panel installation technicians are one of the leading growth jobs in our nation. By putting in solar, you are supporting neighboring employment and creating vocational educational opportunities.

You could start a vocational class or program for solar panel installers jobs in your school system. Solar industry employment opportunities are increasing every day.[2] You could have neighboring schools send their students to your specialized vocational class.

You could be the trailblazer. Advocating for educating and training students in the developing renewable energy industry. Listen to any news channel and you will see the strong movement of changing to clean energy. Now is an exciting time to think about how your school’s future plans will keep up with these changing times.


Are You Wondering If Your School Is Eligible for a Free Solar Array?

We want to hear from you when you are ready to:

  • Reduce your school’s electric bills,
  • Have an on-site solar energy source, and/or
  • Be a community leader of renewable energy.
  • If you are generally interested in the opportunity to have an on-site solar array at your local educational institution. It does not matter what your reason is, we want to hear from you.

Brian Maillet is the CEO at Renewable Energy Evolution. He is an expert in solar for the Michigan schools’ program. He will guide you throughout the whole solar energy process by:

  1. Developing,
  2. Financing, and
  3. Managing your solar project.

It is surprising how easy this process is when working with Brian. He is knowledgeable on every stage of your school’s solar project. You are in good hands when partnering with REE.

Renewable Energy Evolution is a Midwest renewable energy consultant business. REE specializes in working with all stakeholders (including state agencies) to produce a viable Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This PPA details the strategy for developing, financing, and managing the solar energy array. The purpose of this Solar for School’s program is to make solar energy accessible to schools statewide.

If you are interested and want to explore your options, contact Renewable Energy Evolution today. Call Brian Maillet at (414) 499-0799. Or send him an email at [email protected].

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