Renewable energy solutions have grown tremendously in popularity in the last few years. Many businesses have chosen commercial solar power to help them reduce their carbon footprint while also providing commercial solar energy savings and operational sustainability. While there are many types of commercial solar energy systems to choose from, here we explore 3 examples that Renewable Energy Evolution has undertaken to great success for our clients. 

Solar Carports

Solar carports are becoming a popular choice for commercial spaces. They are a great option because they serve the daily function of providing cars with shade and protection from the elements, all while generating green energy for your company. For these projects, the carports are generally designed and built from the ground up to support the solar panels. Those solar panels are then installed on the top of the carport with the necessary electrical connections. 

Renewable Energy Evolution has overseen and advised on solar carport projects, garnering funding through our partnerships with the Illinois Adjustable Block Program and The Illinois Solar For All Program. One such project was for the Chicago Urban League and ended up being Chicago’s largest solar carport. We offer many financing options for commercial solar energy systems. 

Solar Ground Mount Arrays

Solar ground mount arrays refer to solar panel installation on or close to the ground. There are a few advantages offered by this approach to solar power. Some of those advantages include a larger capacity, easier maintenance, and reduced heat build-up. 

Because solar ground mount arrays are not restricted by the size of a rooftop, some commercial spaces will be able to generate more energy with them. They are an ideal option for businesses that have both high energy demands and a decent amount of ground space. 

Another benefit of their placement on or near the ground is their relatively easy maintenance as they are more accessible than many other solar options. Technicians will be able to easily clean the panels and perform necessary routine maintenance tasks to keep these panels functioning at their highest capacity. 

Finally, ground mount arrays generally produce less heat build-up than panels that are placed on top of other structures. This benefit may be a consideration for commercial spaces that are located in hot climates. There will be no concern about heat build-up being absorbed into other buildings.  

Solar Rooftops

Another popular option for commercial solar energy is solar rooftop systems. This approach to solar energy offers the benefit of space efficiency, especially for businesses that do not have enough land space for a carport or ground mount system. Rooftop solar panels take advantage of space that you already have and may not yet be utilizing. Additionally, solar rooftops can significantly increase the value of a commercial building, making them profitable if you eventually choose to sell your business. 

Renewable Energy Evolution oversaw the development and execution of solar rooftop paneling for the Sai Spiritual Foundation located in Northlake, Illinois. This project has provided this organization with an abundance of solar energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint to boot. 

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